How To Cope With A Writer's Block

/ 14 Mei 2013 /
Can you tell?

Yup, I miss two days of writing. How sad.. 

You can yell to my face. That's my declared promise.

I already prepare my self to write twice longer from my usual post, as the penalty of my 'undisciplined act'. But here I am, been 45 minutes facing the white screen, and still don’t have any idea of what to write. For a moment there, all I did was type, and then erase, type, and erase, so I always ended up with a black screen. I can't seem to find a good theme to write about...

Hey, I'm having a Writer's Block! Hurrah! 
Now I have something to talk about!

How To Cope With a Writer's Block.

This is not entirely my idea, because I read so much books and online articles, and some of it was about writing. So if you find this tips enjoyable and functional, I want you to thank all the writers in the world for sharing their tips that I can use.

Writer's Block is not a new thing for me. It came to me, like, 3-4 times in a month. Sometimes it last only for a moment, but mostly it reduced my creativity to zero and I didn't write for months. That's why I skipped writing some other days (or months), because Writer's Block made me afraid to face the black screen. Maybe it happens to you too?

So what is a Writer's Block?

A very easy description of Writer's Block is this: You get stuck and unable to think of something good to write. Every writer must have feel this way sometimes. So it's very common. (I wonder if there is a support group for writers?)

By experience, I can share simple steps to dispel this issue :

1. Write anything that comes to mind.

I bet you know that our minds is radial. It tends to circle one idea with any other ideas connected to it. So don't waste your time in type-and-erase mode, just write everything down. This step alone will ignite your creativity.

The key is to postpone judgment, and just play along wherever your mind wander, and write it down. If you have a piece of paper or a mind-map software, you might want to draw rather than just write,it will boost your mind in a blink.

2. Pause. 

At some point, you will notice that your mind is actually pointing to something 'significant'. Or if you mind-map, you can clearly see the idea that have most connections. Your Main Idea. It is actually the thing that your mind interested with, so entertain your self by considering it more seriously. Evaluate its connections, and you'll find a story to tell.

3. Write The Main Idea

Once you had the central idea, go and write about it. It must be simpler now because you already have the material ready to use. Every words has presented itself, every idea is there, you just have to arrange it to a readable structure.

Once you write, there's none stopping you.

"But what if the Writer's Block still there when I already did all three?"
 Well, in that case, you just need to

4. Rest your Mind.

Seldom, Writer's Block is the son of a busy mind. When you have too many thing to think about, you could never find the right thing or momentum to write. So, just pause, and breath slowly, let your mind at ease. Perhaps you want to try a little meditation? Just do it.

Remember, writing is liberating, you don't have to stress over it.
When you feel better, go back to the draft, and enjoy creating.

I tried the tips for this post, and It worked. What about you? Does it work? If you have any other idea about how to cope with a write's block, please share on the comments below.



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