Criticism: Why we avoid this great tool anyway?

/ 10 Oktober 2012 /
Criticism from one person is a jewel to another!
Criticism. Once hailed as the best practice for Continues Improvement, later deemed as a threat to personal relationship. Yes, we all read Dale Carnegie's, and yes we all aware of the rise of 'People-Centered Leadership' in the dawn of this century, whose one of the teaching is to avoid criticism as hard as a person could manage. But is it really that bad?

I think a good amount of criticism is great for one's soul. And I think most people who avoid criticism or bluntly say 'NO' to one, are usually those who need self-defense strategy to feel good about themselves (ouch?).

Why say no to criticism when you know that it will actually helps you to propel your performances? Why say no to criticism when you know that you don't know all aspects about your self (blind spots, hello??)

Criticism is good. Criticism is the actual act of care, I daresay. Only those who care enough who'd want to give their saying about something, right? Those who don't care, would just see you making mistakes and laughed at it and that's that. I never heard any great athlete achieved her peak performances without a stern coach by her side. Never. And I daresay, it won't happen in the near future.

So, again, we need criticism to evaluate our selves. To measure how well we do what we do according to people who care enough about it. Criticism is like a piece of jewel in a rock. You may find it displeasing at first, but if you scrub it to find the what lies inside, you'll get the precious gifts. The gift of awareness.

Be brave. Be open to criticism, or seek one, then think about that over and over again. Once you found your blind spot, start to fill in the gaps. It's good for your soul. Trust me, I know.



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