Declaration of A Good Habbit!

/ 7 Mei 2013 /

Haiya there!

I've postponed this declaration for soo many years now since I first follow zenhabbits of Master Leo Babauta. I need to have a writing habbit. And I know that I need it. It's just that I don't have much inner strength to keep on going.

And today while I was pondering about the thing that I want to share with my team, there's the door, opening up to me. I can no longer delay this declaration!

So here it is, the declaration of NEW HABBIT!

Everyday, I will post here the story about how I manage my team, about the improvement projects, perhaps a little mischief going on in my funny team, about life as a mum, my son development, anything!

Please read this blog daily, and yell to my face if I miss the routine!


Ps. Thank you Master Leo


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