A Letter to all the Working Dad, from a Working Mom

/ 9 Mei 2013 /
We enjoy being a working mom.
And we feel okay of being a part-time mom, even though it wasn't the idea at first.
It's okay if we had to work outside of home to help the cashflow positive, even though we'd prefer to watch our kids grow every single day. 
We are fine with that.

But wouldn't it lovely, if people stop putting pressure on us to become a SUPERMOM? Because Supermom is a bullshit made from the wrong set of idea about women equality.

Crazy Checklist
One person can't possibly do everything perfectly, housework and works duty. Something is going to be sacrificed. Well, you can't put all the responsibility on one shoulder and hope everything went well. There's no way it gonna work. Either we'll wither and go nuts, or our marriage will go into dust, or our kid will be destined to go to rehab facility. On all scenario, no body's win.

We need help. We need YOUR help to make this duo life achievable.

And it's not much, really.
Just give us a hand in making up the bed, or washing all the used-bottle, or even let us sleep without interruption (other than to feed our baby). It shows us that you are not a selfish son of a son. It shows us that we are really on this together, and you do care!

The pressure of being EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY is too much for a woman. I bet if you were in our shoes, you would feel just the same.
And we didn't say that we want you to be responsible for everything, no, Sir, no!
It's just a small favor, but a small favor that matters.

Love you



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