Stir Fry: a Beginner's Note

/ 10 Mei 2013 /

I am not good in cooking.
Not because I don't like to cook, but because of my taste bud.

I can't tell whether a dish is extraordinary, good, or plain. For me, every dish is cool. Well, perhaps they have a different and sometimes exotic taste, but I always find the goodness in every dish.

I can eat anything without complain. (I wish I have the same approach to life. lol)

I want to change. I have to. I don't have a choice.

You see, my son Arik, he's only 5 months old, and I already recognize that he has a strong sense of taste. He droll so much everytime he see people eat, and cry heartily over a food that he shouldn't eat on his age.

His curiosity over food is amazing. And he can recognize the smell of hot noodle from 3 meters away and fussing about it.

And he just loooove to eat. He eats solids now, and I always have a hard time during meal time, because he never wants to stop! I need to feed him non stop without pausing, or he'll start to cry. And he demand his own spoon -just in case.

What would his culinary future be if his mom couldn't tell the difference between ginger and galangal!... Pathetic...

Anyhow, nowaday I embrace my fear and learn to cook something other than scrambled eggs. And my personal project is to master the easiest cooking method in the world: Stir fry!

Stir fry is awesome, I don't know who invented it, but I thank the Chinese for popularizing it in Indonesia. With stir fry, you can never go wrong. Even for someone like me!

The secret is to master the rule: 5:4:2

5 garlic, minced.
4 red union, chopped.
2 red chilli, take out most of the seeds, and sliced.

Those are the basic ingredients. The foundation of the dish.

So I think I want to share about my venture with stir fry this morning. I want to make something quick and easy, and I only have beef sausages on my fridge. Well thats easy!

The preparation and process will be 20 to 30 minutes in total. It depends on how skillful you are in the kitchen. It took me 30 minutes or so (perhaps longer, hehe).

Number one rule: Always heat up the skillet before you pour oil.

Rule number two: Always heat up the oil before you put anything in it. But don't overheat, or you'll end up with fried basic ingredients.

Rule number three: Stir garlic first, then
red onions, then chilli. Stir till you can smell the nice stomach-growler aroma...

Whats fun about stir fry is aside of the basic ingredients, we can cook literally anything we want. As long as its edible. For my case, 4 sliced frankfuter sausages.

I just pour the sausages into the wook, and quickly stir it and tumble it over and over again, to evenly heat the sausages and to let the ingredients sip into them.

And when the sausage is half cooked, put some water into the skillet, and let it cook again for a while. Half a minute is good.
Then, pour some mushroom sauce, add a little bit of salt, and stir it untill it close to boiling.

Sweeten things up with some caramelized soy sauce, stir it, and let it soak a little bit more.

To finish, give the dish a dash of greens with chopped leeks. And voila! We have a sausage stir fry for luch!

Easy. Quick. Yummy



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